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  • Forge quality with the professional,won market with credibility!

    • TEL:
    • FAX:0577-86811508
      Q Q: 2387203722
      Add:No.7,2273 Long,
      Yongqiang, Wenzhou,China
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    Specializing in the production of the center line butterfly valve without pin, nylon butterfly and desulfurization denitration butterfly valve, flanged butterfly valves, pneumatic butterfly valves, electric butterfly valve series.
    Wenzhon Baer Valve Company Limited devoted ourselves in design, development and manufacture of butterfly valves. Our product range includes midline without pin butterfly valve, nylon butterfly valve, desulfurization and denitration butterfly, valve, flange butterfly valve, pneumatic butterfly valve and electric butterfly valve.The butterfly valve has reliable sealing, flow switch light torque ...-->>MORE

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    ADD:NO.7,2273NONG,YONGQIANG AVENUE,TEDA,WENZHOU,CHINA TEL:86-0577-86811508 FAX:86-0577-86811508
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